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Safety Declaration OTB

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    Australian Sailing Special Regulations Part 2 - Off the Beach Boats

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    Reg No. Subject √ or N/A
    3.01.1 Buoyancy can support boat plus 25Kg for each crew member
    3.01 Buoyancy complies with relevant clauses 3.01.2 through 3.01.4
    3.02.1 Mast (a) sealed OR self-draining
    3.02.2 Unstayed mast securely attached to hull
    3.02.3 Sailboard mast/sail can be stowed longitudinally
    3.03.1 Centreboard(s) securely attached to hull
    3.03.2 Rudder stock has stainless steel retaining pin or is bolted to hull/s
    3.03.3 Tiller/s not permanently attached are securely fastened to stock
    3.03.4 Rudder blade(s) is permanently fastened to stock or can be securely fastened to stock
    3.04.1 Bailer or pump unless boat self-draining ( See 3.04.2 for definition of self-draining)
    3.04.3 Pumps fixed or attached by lanyard, bailers attached by lanyard
    3.05 Can demonstrate attachment point for towing
    4.01.1/2 Hull identification on transom, both sides of hull or aft deck of sailboard
    4.01.3/4 Boat’s name, sail number and club to prescribed sizes
    5.01.1 All crew members sailing on board will wear a PFD complying with 5.01.2/3
    5.01.4 All PFDs in good order
    5.01.5 Marked with owner’s name and phone number (Recommended)


    I understand that sailing is a dangerous recreational activity and that accidents can happen.  I accept that neither the Club nor any Race Committee nor any other person involved in the organisation of any competition or activity in which I may choose to take part accepts any liability for any injury, death, loss or damage to equipment both ashore and afloat as a consequence of this boat or its crew taking part.  I undertake to ensure that any person using this boat is made aware of the risks that could be involved.

    I have read and understand my obligations as set out in the Sailing Australia Special Regulations Part 2.  I understand that any inspection is carried out only as a guide to Owners and Race Committees.  An inspector cannot limit or reduce the complete and unlimited responsibility of the Owner or Owner’s Representative as defined in the Fundamental Regulations.  I have read and understand the Sailing Australia recommendations.  I undertake to maintain the boat and all its equipment in good order and condition as specified in these Regulations.

    Where the Owner is not the Skipper I understand that the Skipper is the Owner’s Representative for the time that they are in charge of the boat and that I will familiarise them with their responsibilities as stated in RRS 1 and 4 and these Special Regulations.