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Safety Declaration OTB

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    Australian Sailing Special Regulations Part 2 - Off the Beach Boats

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    Buoyancy can support boat plus 25Kg for each crew member


    Buoyancy complies with relevant clauses 3.01.2 through 3.01.4


    Mast (a) sealed OR self-draining


    Unstayed mast securely attached to hull


    Sailboard mast/sail can be stowed longitudinally


    Centreboard(s) securely attached to hull


    Rudder stock has stainless steel retaining pin or is bolted to hull/s


    Tiller/s not permanently attached are securely fastened to stock


    Rudder blade(s) is permanently fastened to stock or can be securely fastened to stock


    Bailer or pump unless boat self-draining ( See 3.04.2 for definition of self-draining)


    Pumps fixed or attached by lanyard, bailers attached by lanyard


    Can demonstrate attachment point for towing


    Hull identification on transom, both sides of hull or aft deck of sailboard


    Boat’s name, sail number and club to prescribed sizes


    All crew members sailing on board will wear a PFD complying with 5.01.2/3


    All PFDs in good order


    Marked with owner’s name and phone number (Recommended)


    I understand that sailing is a dangerous recreational activity and that accidents can happen.  I accept that neither the Club nor any Race Committee nor any other person involved in the organisation of any competition or activity in which I may choose to take part accepts any liability for any injury, death, loss or damage to equipment both ashore and afloat as a consequence of this boat or its crew taking part.  I undertake to ensure that any person using this boat is made aware of the risks that could be involved.

    I have read and understand my obligations as set out in the Sailing Australia Special Regulations Part 2.  I understand that any inspection is carried out only as a guide to Owners and Race Committees.  An inspector cannot limit or reduce the complete and unlimited responsibility of the Owner or Owner’s Representative as defined in the Fundamental Regulations.  I have read and understand the Sailing Australia recommendations.  I undertake to maintain the boat and all its equipment in good order and condition as specified in these Regulations.

    Where the Owner is not the Skipper I understand that the Skipper is the Owner’s Representative for the time that they are in charge of the boat and that I will familiarise them with their responsibilities as stated in RRS 1 and 4 and these Special Regulations.