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About LWYC

LWYC is located at Marlay Point on the western shore of Lake Wellington, the western most lake of the Gippsland Lakes.

The club welcomes all to come and try sailing or re-discover it if you’ve been away for a while.   We also welcome volunteers who might just want to help out such as on racing days with duty officer details.

The season runs from October to April with a mixture of social and racing.

There is a mixed fleet including:

Hartley 16,     Explorer 16,      RL 24

Castle 650,      Noelex 25,       Timpenny 650

Boomerang 20   and

Off The Beach (OTB) boats like Mosquito and Laser 4.7, Laser Radials, Sabres, Hansas and Catamarans

(For non-sailors, the numbers usually relate to the boat’s length e.g. 16=16 feet, 650 = 6.5 metres and sometimes the name relates to the designer e.g. RL= Rob Legg, Hartley = Richard Hartley)

You can sail your own or there are boats to try and borrow.  Just ask us at the club.


Established in 1960, the club has grown from a shed on the foreshore into the complex it is today.

In 1968, the Club ran its first Marlay Point Overnight Race  with 28 boats and it’s been run each year since then with entries at 665 in 1998 and around 120 in 2021.

Club Official Documents